John Persensie

Voortrekker rd., Maitland, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 01 / 12 18:27

'This bicycle I bought from a very nice guy, he gave it to me for a cheap price. I ride it now for the last 3 years. It’s keeping very well, but it’s an old model, it’s not a new model. I fix it by myself. For a long time now I’ve been riding bicycles, no need for me to take it to the shop. I cycle every day. Actually, I work in Wetton and this bicycle takes me to work every day. It’s about 25 kilometers up and down every day. If it’s raining I sometimes take the train, but when the weather is clear I ride my bike. At night I keep it inside so it can be close to me. Before I used to ride any old bicycle but I’m very happy with this one. I like the lightness of it, and the way it moves. It’s very comfortable.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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