Joseph Cloete

Reygersdal dr., outside Atlantis, South Africa

2010 / 03 / 28 17:18

‘I’m 38. I’m on the smaller side and I’ve looked good after myself over these years so most people estimate my age at about 26. I stay away from drugs, I stay away from bad friends, especially friends that have a negative influence on me - who don’t want to see you go forward. Even they criticize me for example for riding my bike. For me it’s a hobby, something I love, but they will criticize you, in a negative way. They say a lot of nasty things. That’s why I ride alone, because I don’t want to get involved with friends like that, and rather do it alone, and have the pleasure of enjoying it. I think the only thing I do wrong is smoking a cigarette. But when I’m going on leave next month I will work on the quit smoking idea - get my life back to clean! That’s the only one thing I want to quit, then I will concentrate fully on cycling, I think I’m addicted to riding. And I’m not a city guy, I like the farm areas. So I was like riding this morning from Kalbaskraal and I came with the old Malmesbury road, so now I’m on my way home... Atlantis. My previous bike got stolen. I was at the shop, I was parking there and I went in to buy something, when I came out my bike was gone. I can tell you, it was heartbreaking... I was in tears. How can they steal something that I love - all they going to do with the bike is sell it for 50 grams of meth and then they get smoked up, and when the smoke is worked out it’s all gone. It’s sad. I never found out who stole it. But when I’m on leave next month I will try and take some trips there to the squatter camp - because I think when people steal in Atlantis it’s one of the first places they go - it’s not a racist issue, it’s just how it is... But this bike, I still need to fix the gears, and get some water bottle holders on. I got it at the beginning of the month. And I need to find a place for the pump on the bike. I can’t wait to go on leave next month - I’m going to abuse the bike!’

Stan Engelbrecht

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