Joseph Davids

Tokai rd., Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 10 15:34

‘I’ve been cycling more than 20 years now. I mean, they’ve already stolen 3 of my bicycles. And I bought myself one just a couple of weeks ago. This bike is giving me some problems so I just use it for half-an-hour rides - it’s more than 30 years old! I have this bike and I have a Trek and two other mountain bikes that are broken - they’re klaar. I’ll just give them to my friends for spares, that’s all. I ride bicycles to save money, as they say. Because it will cost me like R20 to get to work, gardening work. If I must work for traveling up and down then it is not worth it. I do gardening work, from Monday to Sunday. Every day I ride my bicycle. Nowadays I have to trap over Ou Kaapse Way, when I go to Noordhoek, because I can’t use the shortcut anymore. Nature Conservation cut the dirt road shortcut in half now - half is private and half is Nature. It went through where Clovelly golf course is. But now I can’t, it’s not allowed, now I must use Ou Kaapse Way. It’s about a half-an-hour climb. I just take it easy. I’m 52... but people say I look young. But I don’t think it’s the bike that makes me look young. It’s because I was brought up in a very old religious way - the old generation used to say, “Don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t do that...”, but they never told you why - that’s basically just all. Ha, ha, when I was small I always wanted to now if I go to heaven what’s going to happen up there - ha, ha, ha, ha! They just told me “You must wait and see...” when you get there. So I’m still waiting. Ha, ha! But I’m not religious. I used to have a religious wife, but for the last couple of years I haven’t seen her. But I see the kids - the one is working here at Blue Route Mall, the other one in Claremont, and my youngest daughter is in America now, with this student exchange, but I’m not sure where exactly. She send postcards and that, but I don’t want to go to the wife, you know. She got this little piece of paper against me - an “interdik” they call it. Ha, ha, ha! So I just try to avoid her... when I was a bit younger I was a bit rough. But now I’m old as they say, I don’t worry. I just leave everything...’

Stan Engelbrecht

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