Joseph Mukubyne

Pienaar st., Brooklyn, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

2010 / 05 / 15 10:24

'I love cycling so much! I'm selling these oranges, one by one, I sell it all over the place. I'm asking R1 an orange. There is only two bags on here now but I sell about 4 to 7 bags, I sell on Saturdays. When I've sold some oranges I'll have enough money to fix this tyre. I want to buy some patch and solution at the Game store, and then I'm going to ride this bicycle again! Ride it a whole lot! Until tomorrow I'll ride it... and then Monday I ride it again... right through. I just need to sell one of these bags, then I'll get some solution. Yes, then I won't have much problems. I'm from Hammanskraal but live up by Monument, I go all the way up there, ha ha, it’s hard with one gear but I do it. I only bought the frame and then I fixed it up. Some of the parts were thrown away, I picked it up at the dump.’

Nic Grobler

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