July Mahlumba

Albrecht st., Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 02 08:00

'I ride a bicycle because I don't have enough money to ride a taxi. I have to use a bicycle. I've been riding bicycles for many years - I started there in 1975, doing building work. Sometimes the bicycle can make you tired, then it's bad, but sometimes you are willing - then it's nice. This bicycle I got from other people, hmm... Anton, umm, I can't remember his surname now. I got the bike from him. In the bags here I've got my bottles to put milk in - when I tjaila I'm going to get some milk from tap, at the café up the road. It cost R5 a liter. And I have my patch and stuff in here as well.’

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Stan Engelbrecht