Karl Gericke

Park dr., Port Elizabeth, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 20 18:38

‘I'm not going to give away my age, but I've been riding bicycle now for - it’s almost 10 years. I don't earn a good wage, so I can afford a bicycle. I had a bike, but I had to sell that and pay for my daughter's medical costs, but I am grateful I've got a bike; because it keeps me fit, it keeps me strong and I also see a lot more. I've been in Port Elizabeth for about 7 years now, and I was in the world about 10 years ago - I became a Christian 10 years ago and giving my life to the Lord and I just asked him one day and I said, "Well, Lord, you know, what is it that I can do for you?” And He showed me the scripture... Sorry - first of all, let me tell you a bit about when I bought my bicycle - I had a great bicycle with black fittings and I also put my fenders on as well, black fenders. Then Angus Buchan, one of the Crusaders had come to town and I bought the Jesus flag and I said to the Lord - I said, "Lord, okay, I'm riding a bicycle. What can I do for you?” and He gave me the scripture about Jesus riding in Jerusalem, coming into Jerusalem on a donkey and the Lord had shown me, He’d shown me that He came on a donkey and the Pharisees who at that time were spiritual men of God, they were expecting the Messiah, which is Jesus, the King of Israel and yet, little did they know that He was standing right outside the synagogue and they went outside and they were wondering what all the commotion was about, and Jesus came on a donkey. With my bicycle, me having a bicycle, it is a lowly form of transport where the Pharisees expected who was the King, it was forecast the King was going to come and they expected, obviously, chariots and all the regalia and everything and instead, He came on a donkey and Jesus says that also, when we start our Ministry, we started in Jerusalem. So when he came on to the Passover feast in Jerusalem, He came on a donkey and the Lord had shown me, because I had asked him what I could do and with my bicycle - and it was the same color as a donkey, it was grey and black and the amazing thing about a donkey as well, if you look on the shoulders, it's got a cross and so I had my flag and I just thought, “Well, okay Lord, I’ve got my thing, I've got my Jesus flag.” So I made myself a little flag holder and I put it on and I went out just proclaiming the name of Jesus, because that is what I felt was on my heart and His mission said, He says, “Go out into the world”, but we start first in Jerusalem, that’s wherever we are and then we go to the outer ends of the earth. To this is my ministry. I just proclaim, I'm just a donkey. I'm part of the donkey for God basically, and that Jesus is my flag. And the Jewish flag represents, with me being German, what the Germans did to the Jews in the Second World War. Now because of my heritage, I had to forgive, because the Jews are God's people and if we've done anything against them, we are going to have to be accountable to the Jewish people and so I had to go, as a German, even though I wasn't even there in the Second World War, I had to go and had to forgive and break that ancestral curses over me. And when I broke that and asked the Lord for forgiveness for what had happened to the Jews, I started getting a love for Israel and I went up to an Israeli shop here where they sell Israeli paraphernalia and I saw the flag and I actually fell in love with the flag and I started to fall in love with the Jewish people as well, and then I sewed my two flags together and the Lord had also shown me as well that Jesus Christ who is the Messiah of Israel, is also Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of our lives, and the two are one and we cannot separate them. So that is my mission - basically for the Jew and the Gentile, and it's been an interesting journey. Jesus has said that we will be persecuted - I have had Moslems throw green avocados at me. I've had taxi’s try to pull me off my bicycle. I've had swear words. I have had, basically, every sort of persecution under the sun, but yes, He’s been there for me, He's had His hand over me and I am grateful for it and I'll continue to do it until He gives me something else to do. By the way, we’re in here - I was staying in another place and when I asked the Lord for another place to stay and he put me in this old farmhouse and believe it or not, we are staying in stables. And where did donkeys stay? They stay in stables. So here I am, I am the Lord’s donkey. So it is all very relative, I believe and ja, the Lord has shown me that I will do foolish things for the Lord, because it’s foolish things that will attract men unto Jesus. That is what it is, but here I am, here I am in Port Elizabeth just doing the Lord's work. Right, here - I'm just going to speak a little bit about my crosses on my mudguards. I made two little crosses because there is a song about the cross before me, the cross behind me and that's basically my protection, and as you see I don't wear a helmet. It's not that I'm arrogant, or I am ignorant on the road. It is just that I feel that I have the Lord’s covering over me and I'm able to go out in that protection. My little flag holder - at work I’m a maintenance guy and I just manage to get a bit of scrap metal and just by messing around I managed to work out a flag holder with an angle and all of that. I really enjoy a bicycle. As I spoke to you, it's about a donkey. It is just a wonderful sense of freedom. It gives you a lot of freedom. You are able to see things a lot better because you take your time and if you need to stop, it's not like a rush in a car where you have got to put on anchors...‘

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