Knapie Meyer

Piet Retief st., Steytlerville, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 08 17:45

'I've had many bicycles before this one. I fixed them up and ended up selling them. I taught myself how to fix it all. I had one bike that had 24 lights - but I sold it when I fell on hard times. I didn't have a job then. But I don't travel too far with my bikes - the furthest I've gone with this one is out to Oudepos, a farm out of town. I go there to drink some beers and then I come back. There's a bar there - booze, TV, music and everything. I think I'm gonna start up again with my bicycle building one of these days. This one I've got now has got a heavy gear, not so easy to pedal. But I'm satisfied with it.'

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Stan Engelbrecht