Koos Moos

Klip st., Uniondale, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 06 19:10

‘From my young days I've been riding these things. I used to ride a single gear with a free cog. You had a 28 in front and an 18 cog at the back. And if you want to change it you have to fit a 16 cog with a 28 gear in front. But I’ve sold that one a long time ago. I now have an 18 speed I bought in Outshoorn. I paid only R300 for it and I’ve been riding it for 16 years. I’m over 70 years old and I’m still riding my bicycle. My children can’t believe it. They all want to know how I mange to still get it right to ride a bicycle so easily. I say, “No, you must know how to ride this thing!” Now you get people - he’s racing now and just now he can’t go anymore. I don’t ride like that. When I ride, I only ride one speed. But then your bike must be right - it mustn't give you trouble on the road. You must make sure you have new tubes and all those things. Then you ride. This thing can take you far and wide, but then it has to be in good mechanical order. I’ve got two bikes at the moment. Some guy close to here bought a new bicycle that he only rode twice and then he didn’t want it anymore. So I said to him let me have it. I asked him how much he paid but he said I can give him R400 and I can have it. What do I want to do with all these bike? I ride them! See, if there is something wrong with the one then I take the other one. Then I can take my time to fix the broken one. I fix all my bicycles myself. From my young days I just learned how to do it. In the old days bicycles weren't as expensive as they are now. Just look what you pay for bicycles now - in town here they sell them now for R1800, at Lewis stores. And then it doesn’t last 100 years! Just a few years and it’s ruined.’

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Stan Engelbrecht