Kuselo Moyake

New bicycle lane off Main rd., Greenpoint, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 08 18:33

‘I’m originally from the Eastern Cape, form a little village called Ntlaza. I came to Cape Town in 2002, so it’s been a while. I started high school here, and then I studied Mechanical Engineering at Cape Tech., and now I’m working in Vredehoek as a draughtsman. I’ve been riding bicycles only from the beginning of this year. I found since I stay here in Greenpoint and I work in Vredehoek it’s actually much quicker to get to work with a bike than getting on a taxi, with the traffic and everything in the morning. That’s why I ride - easier and quicker, and for fitness. I play rugby as well so it’s very good for my rugby and my leg power - it has actually improved since I started riding my bicycle. I never had bike when I was younger. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy riding so much. I always wanted a bike when I was young but unfortunately my mother couldn’t afford one. I had to wait until I started working and buy myself one. So I only learned how to ride a bike when I bought it! It’s been going well. At first I was quite scared of the cars and everything on the road, but I got used to it - now I’m riding with the cars, riding in front of them sometimes. It’s actually really great and I’m really enjoying it, but in the fourth week after I bought it I crashed coming down those steep hills in Vredehoek - you can imagine what speed I was doing! There was some sand on a corner that I normally pass, I slipped a bit, tried to control it and I just couldn’t, and I hit the pavement! Ha ha! You can imagine, hands first and ja! I’m still healing from that! I guess experience does play a role when you’re in those kinds of situations!’

Stan Engelbrecht

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