Louis Els

Du Plessis st., Middelburg, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 11 17:38

'I enjoy riding my bike. I like riding around, riding far with my bike. I used to ride mountain bikes but now I'm trying to learn tricks on the BMX. I'm getting there, I fall here and there and get hurt. I try and do what I've seen other people do. I'll get it right in the end. I enjoy it - falling, breaking bearings. My dad bought this BMX at Lewis Stores. But it's bearings are busted at the moment. I rode off this thing and I fell and damaged the insides of the wheel. I need to get new bearings. There are other people who ride bicycles around here, but you don't often see them in the day. You see them early in the morning on their way to work. It's mainly me and my sister and our tjommie that ride in the day. My sister and I ride together some, but not all the time. Sometimes I go my way, do my things, cause my shit one the bike - I do what I want to. But it's nice to get hurt on a bike. I started doing my tattoos when I was 19 years old. When I was living in Uitenhage I started with the first ones, and when I arrived here I kept going. Some of them are bets - people saying I won't get them, then I do them. I just went for it, I did them all because all the men in my family are tattooed all over. I'm still far from finished with mine, I still have to really start on my other arm - I'm going to get my sister to do it for me, she can also tattoo. I taught her. I've got comics on me - a little devil, this-and-that, and Dragon Ball Z. On my fingers it says "LOVE", "HATE", my date of birth, name, ID number and more. I've tattooed other people as well.'

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