Louisa and Johanna Mokoaqo

Jan Louw st., Prince Albert, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 28 10:38

Louisa : ‘If I want to go somewhere and I want to go quickly, I ride my bike. My boss, Juan, bought it for us as a present in December. We come from Lesotho. I like Prince Albert, it’s a nice place - I love it, especially in winter, sjoe! I never had a bike in Lesotho, I started to learn the bike here, in 3 weeks I got right. Last year September , October - but it was my twin sister who started to learn the bike, when she got it, I was jealous! I also wanted to ride a bike like my sister! And I got it! I love to ride a bike! Now I also want to put a crate on the back to carry something - my sister she put a crate on the back. When I do shopping I’ll be able to put it in the back.’ Johanna : ‘I think I inspired my sister to learn how to ride a bike, I did! I didn’t know how to ride a bike before, and I was just like - how hard is it? Last year August I decided to set a goal, I thought - I’m tired of saying I can’t do this, let’s try it! I tried and an I thought - this week, at the end of this week, definitely I have to know how to ride this bike! I didn’t fall, but still I was scared of falling! I learned balancing, up and down and little and my mind said - I can get into this! I taught myself how to ride, all alone! Louisa saw me riding and riding, and she tried it, and slowly but surely she got it right. And in December our boss gave us each a bike, they just surprised us, and we were so happy! It wasn’t long before we were on our new bikes! No one could believe I learned how to ride. People were seeing me and saying, “Sjoe, you ride like a crazy thing, eh! I can’t believe it is you riding a bike!” It’s changed my life, really!’

Stan Engelbrecht

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