Lucas Mphuthumi

Cnr. Main rd. and Marais rd., Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 13 14:40

‘I’m the supervisor for the car parking marshals here in Sea Point, I look after them. I patrol the area by bicycle - for 5 years now. Before this I was parking cars, I was an informal car guard - from 2000 to 2004. Now I ride around, look for problems, maybe if a portable parking machine is broken I take it back to the office and bring the marshal a new one. I don’t use a car because it uses a lot of petrol, and I work under commission so I must use a bicycle. This is a company bicycle, but I have my own bicycle at home as well, and a car, a Mazda 323. The bicycle is alright - you don’t use a lot of money and you get some fitness also. I think it would be better if everyone rode a bicycle. I see in China they all ride scooters. I think a bicycle can be better. Then your money can go up also - if you ride a bicycle you don’t use petrol, you just use your power.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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