Luciano Antonio

Panorama cr., Langebaan, South Africa

2010 / 07 / 12 14:15

‘A lot of my friends ride to school, but they ride small bicycles, BMX’s, I’m the only one that rides a mountain bike. Sometimes they just leave their bicycles at school and they start to rust then I tell them to bring me their bicycles and I fix them. They can’t fix their own bikes. I’ve got two of my own bicycles and they are jealous. My dad also rides. He gave me his old mountain bike in 2003. He’s got a Peugeot road bike. He rides far, from here to Donkergat. One day I want to ride like him. He’s going to give me his bike when I go to Weskus School 2012. My mountain bike needs to go to Cape Town for a repair. It’s so old. The other day I had to fix the jockey - it just fell off! But it’s fixed now and I’m riding it again. It needs a big service. I thinks there is a bike shop Vredenberg but I know it will take so long - in Cape Town they’ll fix it in two days or so.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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