Lukmaan Talmakkies

Padro st., Langebaan, South Africa

2010 / 07 / 12 15:54

‘This is my business bicycle - I sell doughnuts and samoosas and rootis, it’s my life. I work for myself. I go past all the shops with my bicycle. My bicycle is very important. If it wasn’t for my bicycle I couldn’t do anything. If it’s got a puncture then I have to fix it, doesn’t matter where I am. I buy a lot of tubes and I put flour-water into the tubes to make them last longer. If I lose my bike I’ll cry that day. It’s my bread and butter. I don’t care about having a car, but I must have a bicycle. That’s why I’m crazy about my bike. It keeps me fit, I go wherever I want, I don’t ask anybody, I don’t have to fill up with petrol - so I save a lot. Every morning I’m busy with my bicycle, I ride my bike and I’m fit. When I go to the doctor they test me and they tell me I’m fit. Everyone asks me why I ride bikes and I tell them it’s because I sell doughnuts. Everyone knows me as “Pang Doughnuts” and I shout “... rand ‘n doughnut, hie’s jou doughnut, waa’s jou doughnut, rand ‘n doughnut!” On Fridays I scream “... hie’s jou rooti, waa’s jou rooti, rooti rooti!” and when I sell samoosas it’s “... hie’s jou samoosas, hie’s jou samoosas, hie’s jou samoosas!” My wife makes all this food and I just go and sell it.’

Nic Grobler

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