Lynne Matthysen

Stellenbosch, Western Cape, 

2010 / 10 / 07 16:42

'It takes me to class faster - so it helps. I'd like to squeeze as much things as I can into my day. You also don't have any problems with parking. When I first got it I thought it was for getting to class faster, but then after I started using it I realized that walking was a schlep for me because then walking was just too slow, ha ha. So I'm still cycling. This bike I bought about five and a half years ago, its name is Florentine because when I bought Florentine there was a German exchange student that started walking with me on the way to the shop - he just came with me to the shop and his name was Florent or something. It stands outside as there is no space inside - that is why it looks like this! I've been living in Stellenbosch for 7 years, it is a cute town but it has its good and bad points. In general I enjoy it here though. It is close to the sea, the beach and the city. Everything is close by in the town so you can walk and cycle to most places. It is very calm. One thing I miss since I started cycling is that when you walk you have more time to see things like trees and those things. On the other hand when you cycle you also see different things from when you use a car or even when you walk. I've found or realized that other drivers or road users do not see cyclists, they only see cars. It has happened a few times where I followed the rules of the road but then they almost caused an accident because they didn't see me. Although there are a few girls that cycle in Stellenbosch not many cycle to class. Most people that used bicycles on campus are exchange students. In terms of safety I feel that when I've stayed late on campus I'd rather cycle home than walk. I made a basket for my bicycle because I couldn't find one at the two shops in town. I just found a separate basket and used cable ties to attach it to the bike. Since then they got baskets but then I'd already made one!'

Nic Grobler

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