Mahomed Saleem Ayob with Sadika

O.R. Tambo Parade, Durban, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 13 18:34

My name is Mahomed Saleem. This is my little daughter, Sadika. And we often cycle on the beachfront, normally from Milky Lane going up to Ushaka, or from Ushaka going up to the Suncoast casino side to the Blue Lagoon. And it’s very peaceful and… you get the fresh air and it’s now been a couple of years that we’ve been like fairly regular cyclers…religious in our own way but fairly regular. And I think that the thing that has prompted us to cycle more often is, me, I have a bit of a lower back problem and I’ve been going to the chiropractor and to orthopedics and here and there and they never seem to have got to the bottom of it. And they all told me to stop playing squash, stop playing ball, stop partaking in certain activities and then I just discovered by accident that cycling seemed to have mended - it healed my lower back and by God’s grace, I’m cycling… we play ball; we play squash. And cycling is a very good form of traction… and that has strengthened the lower back tremendously. So… and besides, we enjoy it… you know… we cover a much longer distance than covering it on foot. And this little daughter of mine, her birthday gift was a bike and it’s slightly out of our choice that she’s been sitting with me and she’s been sitting with me for some time now - I get a catch up as to what’s happening at school and what her exams are about and what she’s about at school. And she asks me all these wonderful questions which I find very very interesting. And it keeps you in contact with life itself.’

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Stan Engelbrecht