Malefetsane Qabalatsane

Moiloa st., Phuthaditjhaba, Free State, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 09 10:36

My name is Malefetsane Qabalatsane Francis and I live in Phamong village, Qwaqwa. Right now I am in Phuthaditjhaba - I am going to Phamong, to my home on my bicycle. My problem is that when I use my bicycle I have to walk up and down hills, I only ride flat surfaces because I have a leg injury - I was in a car accident. So my bicycle at least helps me to reach my destinations as fast as possible. Before I used this bicycle, I was a marathon runner. I ran Comrades marathon, I ran Two Oceans marathon, I ran a lot of marathons. So now I don’t have the ability to run, so to train my body I use the bicycle to train my body, to keep fit. So that I don’t relax. So I love this bicycle - okay it’s an old bicycle but it is important to me because it trains me at the same time it’s my legs. So this bicycle was bought when I was in Klerksdorp, when I worked at the mine. Because the town was far from the mine, where I lived. I saw the importance of buying the bicycle at a pawn shop. It’s a very old bicycle, I bought it when it’s already been used before. When I lost my job I came back home with it. So it has a carrier at the back, this carrier I am using it because I don’t have a job and I don’t have the ability to work. I load metals, zinc and scraps and sell them at the scrap yard. That is the job of the carrier, and that is why it is so big. It helps me at least - I get a few cents to live on with the children at home.’

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