Marco Milford

Main rd., Port Nolloth, Northern Cape, South Africa

2011 / 04 / 11 12:03 

'I cycle to get to town faster. Because we don't have money for things like cars, so bicycles are more affordable and so on. We just cycle from the location to the town to do some shopping and things. Like now I'm heading to the petrol pumps to buy some petrol and with the bicycle it is more comfortable for me to get back home - as opposed to carrying a heavy load. The petrol is for the ocean. We go out with these outboard motors to do fishing and those things. We are going tomorrow, already went today. The weather circumstances caused us to return early - the fish wouldn't bite. The boat belongs to another uncle I work with. Snoek, yellow tail, all that is a fish, we are allowed to catch 60 per day. We have private permits which are 10 per person. The fish needs to be 80mm and bigger. Look at the moment, this is not my bicycle, it is a bicycle that I'm hiring. People rent bicycles then you pay R1 per hour and so on. So I just rent this bicycle from another guy to just come to town and finish my things and so on. He has 5 bicycles. Many people hire the bicycles, like now when I return this bicycle another one will come along and hire it again. Some days I get there then the bicycle is not there, already hired. Like it is here it doesn't have brakes, but he will probably put some on sometime. I just brake by putting my foot on the back wheel.'

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