Mark van Staden

Rink st., Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 20 19:20

'I'm originally from Port Elizabeth - I stayed up in Knysna and came back with the bicycle now. From here I'm heading up to East London because I have a job opportunity coming up in January. So that is basically what I'm going to be doing now. I spent about a week coming down - I like my fishing a lot, so I spent a bit of time coming down. About four days. I fish to eat and camp out away from the squatter camps. Inside here are pots, cups, tea, coffee, and on that side a couple of repair tools in there - my blanket, my army sail, some clothes, fishing boxes and that's it. Got the fishing rod here too - I’m never without it. I started cycling in February, had a car before. It’s heavy on the legs - I'm not that fit and a smoker as well. But ja, my bike goes well - only had one puncture since I got the bike. Since February. I bought it at a cycle shop in Knysna. The company I worked for closed in February. It was the cheapest thing to buy at that stage. I'm not too keen on these thin wheels, not so good for the dirt roads. Tonight I'm going to Walmer, there is a crowd there, close to the police station. Sometimes I just go down to the sea. I feel quite unsafe at nights sometimes. When it comes to weather like this I don't know about the bicycle - I miss the car. But I suppose you can stop when you want to and carry on when you want to. Sleep when you want to. I work as a driver but I'm also a fire service technician. I've been unemployed since February and it’s hectic.'

Nic Grobler

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