Martin Goosen

Van der Merwe st., De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 07 / 30 12:25

'Cycling is fun, it is healthy my brother. The doctor told me I need to cycle and walk as much as I can - I have heart problems. It saves money and what is healthier than cycling? All these years I've been cycling. I worked 43 years for the railways and I cycled for 43 the years. I was a driver, I cycled day and night, winter or summer, always rode with my bicycle. I feel very healthy and I love it. That is why I keep cycling - I'd rather cycle than drive with the car, especially here in town. Sunday afternoons I cycle far, around the town or to the railways - I visit people along the way. I feel very happy and I'm proud of my bicycle - I love my bicycle so much.'

Nic Grobler

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