Micky Abrahams

Cnr. Douglas pl. and Victoria rd., Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 07 18:05

‘I ride around on this bike. I bought it there in Goodwood. From some people there. I think 2 years, no, 3 years ago. I bought it so I can just go on with life. I’m short of breath - with the bike I can go further. I ride my bike every day. I ride to Cape Town central, Sea Point and all around. And Goodwood and Tyger Valley. I live out on the road. On heaven’s road. Out on the bushy ground, along the marsh where the rivers are. And places like that. I sleep out there at night. I hide my bike under the bushes when the thieves come around. Then they can’t find it. When they see I’ve got no stuff they move on. I have these planks tied to the bike here. It’s so I can pack stuff on top and tie it. Then I can at least get on with my life. You know, I love this bikey... its name is Tractor-Tractor. I live on my own. In my own heaven. Down on the ground. Then I live here, then I live there, all over. For 8 years already now I’ve been living all ‘round. I like it like this. But I have to get some ground for me again, a home. I have to build up a home to go on further with my life. So life goes on...’

Stan Engelbrecht

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