Mike Dallas

Cnr. Main rd. and Dane st., Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 10 15:34

‘I’m from New York. I’m writing a dissertation at UCT (University of Cape Town). I’ve been here now for 2 months. I bought this bike here after I realized it was impossible to take public transportation everywhere. But I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use bicycles here. In New York I commute by bicycle, I go everywhere. I live on 107th. st. Central Park West and I work on Wall st., and I ride my bike every day. When I got here I thought the city was much smaller, because on a map it just looks much smaller than New York, but it’s actually much more spread out and bigger than New York - so I realized that I needed some sort of transportation. I’ve taken the minibus taxi’s but this is actually faster and much more convenient - and more adventurous. The drivers here seem to have an attitude against bicycles so it’s kinda annoying, and the newspapers are filled with people who’ve got their legs chopped off after being hit by minibuses and that sorta stuff, so it’s really weird. And there aren’t many options - in New york all the avenues are in a line so there‘s so many options when traffic is bad, but there are hardly any options here. But I’ve explored Muizenberg, Simonstown, Clifton Beach, Sandy Bay, like everywhere! I go to nightclubs on my bike. The best part of going out at night is riding up and down Main rd. at 03:00 in the morning - I see prostitutes defecating on the street, and people shooting up and it’s just like... But I feel safe, I feel safer riding my bike than anything else. It’s cool. I just ride around and meet people! I love it so much. I just bought this handmade rug from a guy in the road. And I’ve got some home-made honey in my backpack, and some coffee. So I just ride around and see what’s out there!’

Stan Engelbrecht

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