Monty Bezuidenhout

Bicycle lane through Metro Industrial Township, Cape Town, South Africa

2011 / 05 / 14 10:27

I’m a on-and-off biker. It’s more for economy than for anything else, but it’s also got a lot of health benefits. I’m almost sixty years old so I need the constant exercise because I am deteriorating faster than what I can build up! Where I’ve got my workshop there in Rubgy the children are very naughty. Every three months or so you’ve got to replace your bicycle, or anything else you forget outside. It’s just part of the environment. This one I had for about six months. I built it up out of scrap that was lying around in my workshop. So every couple of months, I rebuild a other bike out of nonsense… but it gets me there. This was a Rastafarian’s bike at one time. You can see the red, yellow and green. But, I’m not a Rastafarian. I’m just a human being. I’ve been a fridge mechanic since I was about 24. Got tired of delivering fridges and picking up fridges with a bakkie so I prefer an unencumbered road. What can I say? The bicycles are very behind time - they should have compressed air frames and motors in… and shocks… the rear shock would pump up the frame and it will assist me uphill when my old bones can’t get me up there anymore. It would work like this - the shock compresses the frame, the air in the frame… the power from the frame turns the pneumatic motor by the pedals. You can make it so nobody can see it’s an assisted bike. The frame must just be able to take about seven pounds in kPa, about 70 bar, which is not that much. I’m building it. I’ve got a friend that’s a fitter and turner and he’s going to turn the motor for me. It’s just experimental fooling around.’

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