Mulna van Niekerk (with Aldo and Zilke)

Jacob st., Boshof, Free State, South Africa

2011 / 02 / 28 15:58

Mulna : ‘In the morning I ride to work, and then I go and fetch the kids from noon onwards. First I collect Zilke from school and then I fetch Aldo. Zilke goes on the back and Aldo on the front and there we go. Luckily it’s all downhill to here. We have lunch at my parents’ and then we go home. This bike was a hand-me-down from my brother. It’s an old, old bike - a Bomber, so he didn’t want to ride it anymore. But it’s a good bike - it doesn’t have a lot of gears - only 1 and that’s forward. It’s all I need. There’s a guy here in town, oom Paul, that always oils and fixes my bike for me. I work at my parents’ petrol station in the mornings, I do the books, and in the afternoons I’m free to spend time with the kids.’ Zilke : ‘My mom rides very well when she fetches us at school. After my work at school we go to see grandpa. And when we get home we have to do our homework.’ Aldo : ‘I sit here in front.’ Zilke : ‘And I sit at the back...’ Mulna : ‘Sometimes we get pulled over by the traffic police and they tell me that I’m overloaded! I just tell them not to worry because I have heavy-duty tires! But we avoid the main road here. It’s too busy. It’s better to stick to the back roads.’

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Stan Engelbrecht