Ockie Binneman

Riebeeck st., Kareedouw, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 22 11:06

‘Cycling has always been in my family. My parents were big cyclists, from the Cape. Then Kareedouw has really incredible terrain to ride - road and mountain. And there is a lot of focus on development for cycling in this area. All eyes are on the local non-white community - people don’t cycle because of alcohol abuse, and then there’s the excuse that there are too many uphills. Also, because the town is so small the distance from someone’s home to work is not very far, so buying a bicycle isn’t always easily justified. About a year ago we identified this guy Eric as someone who could be interested in cycling. We asked Eric, who is a pump attendant at a local petrol station, if he’s be interested in riding. We got him a good second hand bicycle and Eric proved that he was really committed. We asked around the town for any unused cycling clothing and equipment and we soon had a whole lot of equipment. So now we have a lot of stock of shoes, helmets, cycling shorts and shirts etc. that we make available to anybody from the local community that proves that they are serious about cycling. We recently got Eric a new bike from someone in George and he is very proud of it - he polishes that thing so often I think he’s going to polish it to pieces before he rides it to pieces. Ha ha! But this is exactly the message we want to send - so that people can see that there is a life after alcohol and such.’

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Stan Engelbrecht