Odwa Mangele ( Songo.info rider / www.songo.info )

Cedile st., Khayamandi, Stellenbosch, South Africa

2010 / 07 / 17 16:33

‘I’ve had this bike for two years now but I really want to get a road bike. Some of the races that we go to with Songo.info are for road bikes, so since we don’t have any road bikes we end up using mountain bikes. So when you look at the statistics of the race our performance isn’t very high because we’re using mountain bikes. So our aim is to get road bikes. But this bike, I use it every day, to get around, not just for exercise. Even when I want to got to my friends I use this bike. My dad bought it for me. He doesn’t have a bicycle, but he wants one! I asked him to buy me one. The first time he saw me riding a bike was with Songo, and then he decided to buy me my own personal bike that I can have at home, because sometimes the bikes that we have at Songo’s container are broken and we don’t go to training and we have to wait for the mechanic to come and fix the bikes. But I’m learning to fix bikes by myself now. I need to get some tools. My dad want’s to get a bicycle just to keep fit. I hope he gets one soon so I can show him how it’s done! Then we can ride together! My mom is too busy, but I wanna get my sister into cycling too - I’ve seen her and she’s keen on doing it. Maybe next year I can take her into cycling. I want to be a good influence on my family. Cycling improves my mental abilities, spiritual, emotional, all of that stuff. For instance, I used to do bad stuff, a lot of bad stuff, but when I met Songo all of that changed because Songo has been an inspiration to us and he has done a lot of things for us. So without Songo I think I would be into bad stuff still. But now I’ve got Songo.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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