Patty van der Heever

De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 07 / 20 12:18

'This is not a bicycle, it is a red Ferrari! I'm from this area, but for years and years I was 'n farmer’s wife, but you know on the farm you get too many punctures. Here on De Aar though it is the ideal place to ride a bicycle - really. It is so good, because it is so flat, you know. Just like I'm dressed here, it is only my tekkies that give me away, but I dress myself the best I can, you know. I'm all with make-up and everything - I'm not just going out like that. I try and be neat on my bicycle you know - ha ha! I'll show you my bag, I've also made my bag pretty. At the old age home I'm the head of the governing council, so I cycle there and sometimes I take my guitar there on my back! Some say, “doesn't this woman have a car?” But you know what is so wonderful about cycling, even when it is raining - to cycle in the road and you have such a contact with your people on the road. Especially those of other color than you. It is like “hi, how are you?” and one has a connection with them - I feel one proclaims the message of the Lord just by being on the road with them. It is like saying - I'm here with you, not there driving in a grand car, you know. Doing your groceries on your bicycle and that is that - that is the whole idea with my cycling for me, except that it also makes me feel healthy. The bicycle doesn't sleep in my garage, it sleeps in my studio. It will change a whole town if more people would cycle. People get into their cars too quickly - it is very sad, they do it to themselves.’

Nic Grobler

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