Peter Bakkies

Outside Blomnek, De Rust, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 05 16:24

‘See, I was 13 years old when I decided for myself that I don’t like soccer, I don’t like rugby, I like bicycles. I decided then that cycling was my sport. From that day on I’ve been riding bicycles until now. Cycling stays my sport. Even on TV I only watch stuff about cycling, just to get more experience around cycling. My parents bought me my bicycle. My mom and dad put some money together to get me my bike. So I’m very happy to have my bicycle... But my bike is a bit broken now so I can’t take it onto the road because I can cause an accident. My brakes are broken, my gearbox too - my front gear doesn't want to change and my jockey throws the chain off in the back. This can cause that I have an accident and then I’m gone. Now I just ride around here, down to the boere area to buy electricity and airtime, and then I ride back up. I can’t ride in the location, in the community, because I’m scared I might hit one of the little children. When I’m coming towards you I can’t stop - I can grab the brakes here and only come to a stop way down there.’

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