Peter Briggs

Long st., Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 14 17:10

‘I’ve had this bike for about 3 to 4 months. A friend gave it to me. I used to cycle until I was somewhere around 30, and then for about 20 years or more I didn’t do any cycling and now I’ve started again. I took it up again because I didn’t have a car, he-he, and I have to get around. So a friend gave me a bike so now I can get around. The bike proved to me how very unfit I am, and the bike also gave me a chance to remedy that fact. So bit by bit I do a little more and a little more. But I always have enjoyed cycling... I’m a minister in a church and it was another minister who gave me the bike. There are quite a lot of ministers who cycle, and quite a few of my colleagues have actually done the Argus cycle race, but I wouldn't - I cycle for transport, not for madness! In traffic I have never felt all that safe - I used to cycle most of my life in Pretoria, and even Cape Town taxi drivers are not as bad as Pretoria ordinary drivers.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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