Peter Waile

Avon rd., Diep River, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 05 / 23 08:28

‘I come form Muizenberg and I’m going to Newlands for work. I’ve had my bike for a year now. Riding every day - for work. I like my bicycle - I bought it from Cash Crusaders for R500. I painted it, it was red before. I like blue. I buy spares if I need to and then I fix it myself. Before this one I had another bike but it was stolen by the skollies, but it was the same like this. I’ve been riding bicycles from 2003, before that it was taxi’s. When I used the taxi’s it was expensive, lots of money, so I bought bicycles to use instead. I don’t have a helmet, I didn’t find it, ha ha, but I must find it! I must find it!’

Stan Engelbrecht

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