Piet and Raditibane Khola

4th. ave. West, Clocolan, Free State, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 06 18:18

Raditibane: ‘This friends of ours, his name is Peter, borrowed us the bicycle. So I like that bicycle very much, it’s a red bicycle - red for danger! I like it when I am going to do the shopping, I carry a lot of things with that bicycle. And the people here in this area they call me “Da Punisha”, the way I punish that bicycle, I punish that bicycle a lot, so they call me “Da Punisha”. And the other thing I like with the bicycle, I like races... racing lots. So at the weekend when I am tired and I don’t want to go with my own foot, I just take “red for danger” and I just ride. And I just go and meet friends and I just go and race. Here I have my brother - so my brother, can you please say something about this bicycle?’ Piet: ‘I love this bicycle because when I go to the township I use it. When I go to faraway places I don’t walk to those places, I use it. When I go to school I ride it, or especially when I am coming from the farms.’

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Stan Engelbrecht