Pieter Kapank

Riebeeck st., Kareedouw, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 22 09:46

'Originally I'm from Port Elizabeth, but I grew up here in Kareedouw. Life is not bad here, we are normal people. We live from day to day - we don't have many issues. Get up then you go to work and then do your daily work then back home and then to church. I work at a kindergarten in a suburb called Uitkyk, I'm the janitor there - and this is part of my work, collecting post - everywhere they send me there I just go. Everyday, it is a routine. To the post office, maybe the shops, then I load it here in the box whatever can go in here and then I cycle back again. I keep the bicycle with me over the holidays, I don't live very far from work. I've built this box into here, strengthened it with hard board. I’ve been cycling for 14 years with this bicycle - working at the kindergarten. Me, myself, I don't really know much about bicycles, this man that was standing here with me, my brother in law - if the bicycle gives problems with the bearings and the cogs then I take it to him - he knows about bicycles, but wheels I change myself. Tires and those things. Yes, that is my life. There is no problems cycling around here, cycle every day, wherever I want. No, I don't wear a helmet ha ha - it is not necessary. I cycle like I cycled here - slow, there is nobody chasing me. I cycle safe.'

Nic Grobler

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