Pikkie Minnaar 

Van der Walt st, Middelburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 11 16:69 

'I don't like borrowing my bike out to these boys, they borrow the bike and if it gets back then you that are the owner have to see to it yourself that things are in order. It is just not worth it. So I don't have brakes on this bike - so that the younger guys don't want to use the bicycle. One of them have broken their collarbone. I don't battle with the bike if I use it. You see I got this bike like this from another guy called Piet ‘Pad’ van der Merwe, his daughter achieved Springbok colors in cycling. I was working for him, and in that way I was also interested and so he just gave it to me - so I tried to make it into the bike it is. So now you see it. I appreciate it, cycling everyday. I like it and I enjoy it. It saves my feet. I've got a radio on here, ha ha, for when you are going through town slowly. I'm also busy building it up so that I have more lights on here. Well, I like. In general I work with pumps. Most of the time I'm at work and in the afternoons I exercise a bit, it’s lekker. I've got a friendly boss and everything - it is lekker to work for him. I enjoy things the way they are. I've got a daughter in the Cape, she is 22 years old and well I just see her too little. I'm from here and so I'm just welcome here in Middelburg. I enjoy it when things are quiet, I mean, Middelburg is a small place. I grew up here, went to school here and your home is just the place where you always are. I'm glad for Piet Pad and enjoy this bike. Many people ask me about the bike saying, “Where did he get this bike and how did you make it look like this - it looks like a motorbike”, I say, “No man, I just make it look pretty.”'

Nic Grobler

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