Rahim Sirkhot

Sirkhot rd., Lions River, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 11 14:36

My name is Rahim Sirkhot and the street that I live in is called Sirkhot road. I was born and brought up in this place called Lions River. That is why my family got to name this street when we were getting street names. And this old family house behind me is built of wattle and mud. From childhood, I liked riding bikes... when I started to work, I eventually bought myself a big bike and then while cycling - I’ve been cycling for a long time - I decided no, my bike needs to be sprayed and this one that I am holding here, I did it myself… I sprayed it black and white because of my soccer team called the Orlando Pirates. And I like the color black and white. It looks quite attractive to me. I’m a Muslim and what I have written on the handlebar here, it’s like something like a prayer from the Quran, from our Bible… we call it the Quran. So while I’m riding, it makes the distance and the destination safe for me - that I mustn’t get hurt, knocked over by cars - so I can just read a bit what is written here. In translation it’s meaning that it’s a journey and that God will be with me, safe… wherever I go. The people that live around here, they always look at my bike when I’m riding. And most of them, they support a team called Orlando Pirates and we love the team. At the moment, the team is number one on the PSL log. And my family and I, we even support the team called Orlando Pirates. But cycling has been a very interesting sport to me. When I go running I take my bike with and when I park my bike, I tie it up. I go running and then when I come back, I take a bike and I do some cycling too. To me, cycling does do a lot for physical fitness in the body. And today, I’ve run seven Comrades marathons from Pietermaritzburg to Durban and Durban to Pietermaritzburg. And I love all type of sports. And the best sports for me was actually, as you see, I am holding this bike in my hand… cycling is the best sport in my career. Even my children, today, they look at me when I’m running on the road or people even in the taxis, they’re looking at me, “ Ah, where’s your bike?” and I said, “No, I leave the bike at home. I do running. Then when I come back, I take the bike and go.” One day when I was cycling and another guy stopped and he looked at this bike here. Then the next day, he saw me riding my other black and white bike with the thick wheels. He said, “Hau. But didn’t you have one with the thin wheels?”, and I said, “Ja, I’ve got two. But I’m lazy. One is faster than the other one!’

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