Regina Smith

4th ave., Hillview, Willowmore, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 07 18:31

‘I’ve been riding since I was small. My brother, who is also a teacher like me, he had a friend that was also very fond of those thin-wheel bikes - as we called them - and when the two of them had a few beers and they’re very talkative my sister and I used to steal their bikes in the darkness, and that’s how we learned how to ride bicycles... fall and get up, fall and get up - that’s how we learned. I really love riding bicycles. When I was teaching already they used to call me mejuffrou-met-die-fiets (teacher-with-the-bicycle) because I used to have this small bicycle I bought that I used to cycle to town with and everywhere. But later on when I started getting a bit older I sold it. But I still ride. My husband and I recently rode in a cycle tour and I was the only woman riding from our town. He won this bicycle as a prize at the race that Friday. I want him to give me this one because he now has two bicycles - I want him to give me one of the two but he doesn’t want to! So at the moment I don’t have my own bicycle. But back in the day I even used to cycle to the dance some nights. I had to take along a torch because the bicycle didn’t have a light! Ha ha! Then at about midnight I would come back down the road on my way back from the dance... those were the days when I still had my own bicycle. But nowadays I sometimes take my husbands bicycle for a ride. Oh, it’s so nice to ride. But you don’t see many women who ride bicycles. It seems they’re scared of falling. I told many people - you’ll never learn how to ride a bicycle if you don’t fall. I had to fall before I could properly learn how to ride.’

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