Riaan Naudé

Cnr. Koeberg rd. and Forridon str., Brooklyn, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 03 / 05 18:43

‘I use it to go to work, come home - it stands outside, and when I need to go to the shop or anywhere I ride it because of petrol, you know. It’s a quicker way of transport and traffic in this place is hectic. I’ve had this bike for about a year-and-a-half already. I do have a car but it stands because it’s quicker for me to come with the bike. Today I went to Big Bay already to take out mussels and I went to Goodwood this morning to see some people for work, so I use it as my transport, I don’t use a taxi at all. You know, I bought this bike for R20 at a scrapyard. The wheel was flat, the guy needed money, and he said “R20”, and as I bought it, it’s still the same - I just changed the back tyre. I mean, R20 was for nothing. As you can see it doesn’t look all that good, but it’s my transport!’

Stan Engelbrecht

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