Ridah Benjamin

Sir Lowry rd., Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 06 / 10 19:47

‘I use a bicycle to ride around. To go to my friends , to go places and stuff, and then I don’t need to give taxi fare out and stuff, and bus fare and stuff. When I come to school I bring my bike also to school, see? And then I come down home and then I eat and then I ride again. And then I ride ‘till late, ‘till tomorrow 2 o’clock, then I sleep and then I go to school. In the holidays I ride the whole night and the whole day. I had this bike now for 5 years. My mother gave it to me. I make it self right if it breaks. I came form Cape Town Parade now. I ate a gatsby on the way. Gatsby is a long roll with a lot of chips, chips what you fry in the pan, and with tomato sauce and lettuce. I ride alone... I’m not scared at night - I ride too fast.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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