Rob Tidman

Chief Albert Luthuli st., Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 12 12:08

Hi, my name is Robert. I’m thirty-six years old. I work for Edgars. I originally come from Durban. I worked at Edgars there in Gateway. And they transferred me over to Pietermaritzburg. I became a visual manager on this side. I live here at the Regal Inn. When the company relocates you, they basically settle your first month wherever they relocate you. And I’ve found it quite nice here, so I just made an arrangement with the owner of the place… you know, if I could stay here, and I’ll just pay him rent every month. But it’s very comfortable. It’s just around the corner from my work, so you know, I don’t need transport or anything. But there are good hopes that I’ll be going to Ballito in October, but enough about me… I want to talk about my bike. The reason why I got my bike is the first time I moved to Durban, I never had a vehicle. They stole my vehicle so I had no form of transport. So, I went to Game. I got the cheapest bike I could find. I paid R1 600 for my bike and that’s where it all started. I was very unfit at the time. I used to cry most of the times when I used to go up hills because Umhlanga’s full of uphills. And yes, I started enjoying cycling. I got into it and I just pushed myself. And I had friends that used to cycle with me as well, pushing me all the way. When I used to come to a steep incline, if I get off my bike, they would like, make fun of me, tease me and ja, they just pushed me all the way. I did quite a bit of upgrades on my bike. To be honest with you, I can’t go and spend R80 000 on these new bikes today. I’d love to but I can’t. So yes, I’ve done a few modifications on my bike. And I really enjoy it. Now my aim is to do the Amashova race this year, if possible. I did quite a lot of cycling last month but due to work factors and all that, you know, I haven’t been that much on the bike. So I need to get into it again. Every free moment I get, I like to cycle. I feel quite free on my bike. So if I can do, let’s say, twenty kilometers a day, every day, I mean, that’s quite a lot for me. And I’m sure that with a lot of determination and hard work, I should be ready for the Amashova this year. Hopefully. Unless I crash again like I did this one Saturday morning. We had a party the night before so when I woke up, I didn’t feel too well. And I said the best cure for a babelaas is just to start drinking again, which I did. And about two hours later, my friend came to me and he said, “Listen here, let’s go to the shop.” And he wasn’t in the mood to walk so we got onto the bike. And you know, I was nice and sloshed out of my mind. And ja, balancing was fine on the bicycle but I don’t know, I think I saw a woman or something… you know when men see nice girls, you get like, very… you know, you wanna show off and all that. So I basically got to an intersection and this girl was standing across the road and I went to pull my front brakes to lift the back of my bike, you know like they do it on the motorbikes. And I pressed it a bit too hard and I went flying over the handlebars, landing flat on my bum, in the middle of the road. And ja, the spectators thought it was very funny. I didn’t. You know, I was blushing and I think when I got back on the bike I was sober again! But yes, that’s very embarrassing!’

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