Ronnie Godfrey with Marshall Godfrey

Luxolweni, Hofmeyr, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 13 16:29

Ronnie : ‘We just came from Southfield now, from my father. This bicycle belongs to my father. Last week Thursday we went out to the farm to see my father because I was sick. We went there for a bit because I couldn’t look after myself here. But now I’m back here in town. I’m not sick anymore, I’m better. My dad got this bicycle as a christmas present about five years ago and he leant it to me today to come back to town. Marshall rides here in front of me, so I can make sure his legs don’t go in the wheels and so on. And we put the pillow here so he doesn’t get tired. But he likes bicycles. he’s got a little yellow one.’ Marshall : ‘I can ride a bicycle but my wheel is flat... my dad shaved my hair, it’s cool hey?’

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Stan Engelbrecht