Ruwellin Kruger

Jonkershoek rd., Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

2010 / 10 / 14 18:23

'It is actually my one mode of transport at the moment - most of the time I use it to go to friends, if we want something from the shops and so on, going to work in the morning and evenings. I've been cycling since primary school, my parents used to send me to the shops and so on. I live on Oude Nektaar farm and I work at Lanzerac winery - we make wine there, basically I'm just a cellar help. Today we topped up a few barrels that has lowered in levels. We taste the wine from time to time yes, ha ha! About 4 or 5 months ago we won double gold for our Pioneer Pinotage. This bike I've had two and a half years - it was my brothers bike, he decided to give it to me as I need it more. It is very enjoyable here and beautiful with the nature and so on, but end of October we are moving to Idas Valley - there it will be better to be closer to the town. Tonight I'm basically at home just resting for work tomorrow. I have a few hobbies, I make some music - have a guitar and a keyboard. I also play soccer for a club. The field is up the road - its been upgraded a bit.' 

Nic Grobler

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