Salmon Mojaki

Lang st., Campbell, Northern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 08 / 10 17:37

‘Well, I started cycling when I was a little guy. I've always been keen on cycling as I realized that it is something that will help me out. I can travel far with a bicycle - even to Douglas on a day trip. It is the best transport I've had. This is an old frame, one of those backpedal ones... it is one of the strongest frames you get. I've just put in some new parts. The last thing I bought was the parts for the back wheel, I got the hub on it’s own for R190. The most things that break I fix myself. Currently I'm not working but most of the time I go to visit my brother on the farms. I live here with my mom and dad. My dad used to cycle, my mom as well. My dad's Trek was 12-52, that was the best one since young days - that is a 12 cog at the back wheel and a 52 gear at the front. I load some things on my bicycle, on the carrier. The bicycle means a lot to me, it is as good as my whole life, ha ha. It carries me - it helps me out with many things. I'll never get rid of my bike, I'll keep it until my child can handle it.’

Nic Grobler

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