Sam Chiota

Beachfront, Erskine Terrace, Durban, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 14 18:34

‘It was long time… I was just going… my father used to buy me bikes… so even me, I enjoy biking… even training… chase …chases …okay, I used to ride a bike, another time I rode a bike from Johannesburg to the Free State. Then from there, I got a lift up to Durban. Then here, always, I’m always riding bike. Every day. It just make me strong. That’s why I like it. I was born in Zimbabwe. I didn’t know how far is Durban was. I was thinking maybe I can ride up to Durban. I was feeling to ride up to Durban. And when I see that there is a long way, I take a lift… I was just riding but if I feel like I am tired really, I can just park my bicycle at the side of the bush and I can just eat my food because I buy my food on the way. Then I eat my food, start riding again. I’ve been here in Durban for one year, almost eighteen months. I’m doing dreadlocking. I am very busy on weekends because people will take my numbers and most of the time they go to work so we are free on the weekend to make the dreadlock. I use only a needle. I don’t put wool. I don’t even put the medicine. I use a needle called a crochet. So it’s just the hair. The hair comes together… I used to be another time three months in Cape Town… I was also busy making dreadlocks. There in Cape Town are too many Rastas so I had no clients. The price is according to how long the hair is but the price is starting from R250 for small hair, to R350, R400… it’s according to how long is the hair. If someone have got the dreadlock, I can take the dreadlock together to make it strong. If you want to take three or four together to make it strong. Dreadlocks mean something special to me - some they are doing it as a fashion but it means something special to Rasta people, because Rasta people, they believe that you mustn’t cut your hair. You must just leave it as it is because it’s natural, the hair. So Rasta people just like it as it is. Mostly they don’t like to kill something … so it’s a belief… especially me, I keep my hair. Me, I am a Rasta.’

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