Sedick Sedick

Hemyock rd., Plumstead, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 06 / 04 14:58

‘I’m now on my way to Cosy Corner, and I come from Tokai now, Tokai mosque, and I live out in Rylands. On a Friday I travel with my bike to Tokai mosque, from there I go to Cosy Corner, have lunch there and from there I shoot off down Claremont Main road again. I go to Cosy Corner because I get a free meal there you see - I know the people very well - that’s my tradition every Friday. I’m riding now for the last 10 years now, but it was very tough in the beginning. I used to ride 30 years ago, and then I stopped for about 30 years, when I got married, and then 10 years ago I started again - it was very tough for the first 3 years, but after that I got so used to it. So my daily routine is I ride to the mosque for my 5 times a day prayers. I go in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening - the convenient part of it is that I just leave the bike outside, and then I go join in the prayers. That’s my Monday to Thursday routine. And sometimes I go to town or I go to Elsies River. I spend a lot of time on the bike. Like now I left the mosque now at 13:45 and I’m still on the road. I’m 64 but the bike keeps me young - keeps me fit and sound. To be honest I haven’t taken a tablet for the last 6 months, I haven’t taken 1 tablet yet. That’s eating a lot, every day and night, and drinking and everything, but I don’t use tablets you see - that's the advantage of the bicycle. That’s why I started riding again - to get the motion in the body. I did the Argus Cycle Tour now 5 times already, but last year they threw me out because I just joined in - I’ve been riding without a number for 5 years, ha ha! And this year they caught me! So they said to me I must turn around - I got as far as Red Hill. But I’m going to enter now - I’m saving up my money for next year. But look - I got my flag here, I just picked it up this morning - getting ready for the World Cup!’

Stan Engelbrecht

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