Shane Engelbrecht (outside Woodstock Cycleworks)

Sir Lowry rd., Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

2011 / 05 / 05 13:31

‘Hi, my name is Shane. I’m from Goodwood. I’ve recently started mountain biking as a hobby. One day, I came across a shop called Cash Crusaders in Goodwood selling a beautiful… this beautiful bike for R600. It was quite interesting because I’m not used to riding a single-cog bike and I decided to buy it. And it was a real good ride. I enjoyed it thoroughly except for a few wheel spins on the loose rocks, because I wasn’t used to a single-speed bike. I used it as a daily way of transport to work and back because I really enjoyed the bike, better than the bike that I have. It was much nicer. And then one day, I was going home, as usual, with this nice bike, I came across a guy just actually bumped me off the road with his Golf. I got such a fright and he said - he was so excited - he said, “That’s my friend’s bike.” At first I didn’t believe him and then he offered me money and then I was even more doubtful to give him the bike. He said he was Nils from a bike shop in Woodstock called Woodstock Cycleworks. And then he told me a story of the bike and this is how I got to know Stan Engelbrecht - we’re both Engelbrecht’s spelt with a “C” if you can believe it - and what he does, and about this project called Bicycle Portraits that he’s working on. And then I started believing him… okay, now this is a genuine story and then I said, “Okay, we can go, take me to meet Stan and I’ll give him his bike back.” And then I also got frightened because he said he’ll protect me from Stan because Stan can beat me up; I’ve got a stolen bike. And ja, so, I met Stan. He’s a wonderful guy and he’s doing a good project with taking pictures of people with their bikes. And I’m really heart sore to give the bike back to him but it’s a good thing, I really… because I’ve also had two bikes stolen and it’s a heart sore thing to lose something sentimental in value… because he built it himself. I’m just glad Stan has his bike back. Before this mountain bike craze of about two years now, I was riding a BMX that’s about twelve years old. I really enjoy cycling. It’s a way of… it’s a cheap way of transport. And ja, cycling keeps me fit. I’m forty years old… people make fun of me for riding a bicycle but I enjoy it. Come rain or shine, I am on my bicycle. I actually entered a race in the 3 months I had this bike, it was my second race and I’d seen other people do it with a single cog so I decided that I’m gonna try this one and it was just such a marvelous experience. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s just that spinning in the loose sand but I killed the people on uphills. I’ll definitely get myself a single cog bike, definitely. Definitely I will. Very soon. Even if I have to convert my old one. It’s a most enjoyable ride. But I’m just glad I could get the bike back to it’s original owner... it’s like one in a million.’

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