Shelter Mkhwanazi

R55, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

2010 / 03 / 17 18:12

‘I come from Parktown North now. I'm a gardener. I'm cycling every day. It’s very far - I take two hours and thirty minutes. In the mornings, I'm going from here to Alexandria then I take Corlett drive. Then I go straight to Auckland Park, then Rosebank, then Parktown North. My bicycle, I had one before, I used it for six months, but I find a mistake inside, it broke here, so I bought new frame only, I take my parts and I put it back on there. I have a brake light and a front light... and this one is a hooter. Because sometimes other people, you know, they don't want to move out of the way, they are walking in the way on our place. They walk in the yellow line, so I try to let them know. Sometimes the taxi drivers they are moving, they just use the dust road on the side. But sometimes you know, when I use this hooter they can think maybe it’s the cops. So they going to shout but I don't care about it. Before I was using a taxi, but then I had to walk from Alexandria to Parktown North. You know it takes a long time to walk. Every day it would cost a lot of money for the taxi. You know, and I have a wife and children. Once they bumped me. The lady says she didn't see me. So I went to hospital in Thembisa - I think three or four days, then I'm fine. My wife, she is looking after my daughter, I told her she does not have to work. I buy Morvite, I put it in the bottle with warm water, then I shake it. So that it gives me power when I'm cycling. I put it in the fridge at work, make it cold. So then I'm on the way here I drink. At the robots. Sometimes I also put water, with just a little bit of sugar. Because sometimes, you know, you get tired. You can see like this, it’s a hill. See others they are pushing, but me I don't want to push. Other people sometimes, I don't know, because you are using a bicycle they say you have got no money - yes, I know I've got no money but, I'm trying to save. It’s R36 every day. That is why I prefer to use a bicycle, because I think it’s better, because now I know what I'm doing. When I count that money, from 1 January until at the end, you know, it’s a lot of money.’ 

Nic Grobler

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