Sidney Rootz

Main rd., Fish Hoek, South Africa

2010 / 05 / 23 09:36

‘I got this bike from another brother of mine from Somalia, me - I’m from Zimbabwe. I’ve been here 5 years. It’s fine here, ‘cause you know everywhere is like the same nowadays, you see? As long as you know you can survive it’s fine. I’m an artist, I’m working on wire art - different kinds of things. This bike of mine is a small one, and I like it, and it moves with a nice speed whereby I know I’m going to be on time. It’s helping me a lot because I’m not losing money every day. And it’s a strong bike as well. I can use it locally, not for going very far. In this case here on the back are my tools that I use at work - pliers, my apron, wire, something like that. It’s a folding bike, especially when I’m at home, I fold it here, and just break it like this and put it inside. Because where I’m staying I don’t have a big house, so I’m just folding it to have space because I’m living in a one room house. I have to put it in the house when I’m sleeping.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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