Simon Swartz

Stokroos st., Campbell, Northern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 08 / 09 18:24

'My bicycle is my legs. I use it to pick up wood - anything. It’s been very long, since I was small. I'm 63 now. I've been riding all along, I don't pull over - it is my life. I'll ride to Kimberley, to Douglas, in my time - I ride in my own time. When I feel I need rest, I stop, then I drink a little water. From there I get speed again - some breath. The bicycle means so much to me. There are some people that cycle here in Campbell, but most people here are not interested in cycling. You know if you are a loafer, you'll be a loafer on a bicycle too. The bicycle is very important to me, but I take care when I ride. When a car comes I pull over and I let it pass, then I go again. It is one way all the way, I don't see anything bad about a bicycle, it can't do anything to me - it gives me more power. I'm an old man, but it gives me desire, the desire to run - I'm not tired. I just always stay alive, because the bicycle keeps one alive - you just need to understand it. You need to know how hard you can ride - you can feel it in you legs.'

Nic Grobler

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