Sithembiso 'Smarty' Petros

R335, outside Addo, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 19 09:30

'They call me "Smarty" because my father used to work for a company called Smarty and they used to give me clothes. I got this bicycle from my father's boss. It was like a surprise to me because I'm not working, he just gave it to me. He gave everyone that works there a bicycle and then he also gave me one, because there is maybe 9 workers and there were 17 bicycles. I've had it only a week! Yoh, I like it so much, yoh, yoh, yoh… Every day I'm on the road - now I'm going there, down the road to the café, they sent me there to buy meat. Before this one I had another bicycle but it was small, smaller than this one. It got broken. I'm 18 now but I didn't finish school, I couldn't go to school. I stopped in 2008 but I was supposed to finish maybe this year but I didn't have money. Next year I will be attending night school.'

Nic Grobler

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