Takura Chadoka with Mango Mogeni

Cnr. Hout str. and Burg str., Cape Town, South Africa

2010 / 06 / 11 18:11

Takura : ‘We came down to Long str. where there’s a lot of people, where you can feel the vibe of the World Cup. But I’m not like a big soccer fan, you know, but just to feel the vibe that’s all around - it’s cool! I don’t really care for soccer... if I have time to watch it I can watch it but I’m not a soccer fan - it’s interesting, it’s a good game, a beautiful game you know - but I like bicycles! If there was something for bicycles I would go for bicycles! I really put all my attention towards bicycles! Now I have 2 bikes - I have this one and I have a small mountain bike that I’m going to give to my niece. I’m thinking of building a fixie bike - that’s the project I’m working on now - ‘cause I like fixed gear...’ Mango : ‘I like bicycles too, ja. I’m gonna get a bicycle!’ Takura : ‘You see, this kid - I like him ‘cause he likes bicycles, you know - he’s always trying to ride this one but it’s too big for him. He’s got a small bicycle but it’s broken down. I’m gonna try and fix it for him. That’s why I’m taking him around on the BMX.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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