Teboho Nyama

Motsi st., Chris Hani Park, Phuthaditjhaba, Free State, South Africa

2011 / 03 / 08 18:43

I have been riding my bicycle for five years. I go to work and back with it. I go to Setsing, in town, and to buy things I ride it. Even when I have to go somewhere, I use it wherever I go, because transport is expensive. I have been riding my bicycle for a long time... it does not give me a problem, when the tires are torn I buy tires. I buy tubes, I buy everything for it, I take care of it and it does not give me any problems at all. I take care of it, and try my level best to keep it tidy. Since 1996 I have been living here - until I came back from work and retired, not going to work anymore. I ride my bicycle if there is somewhere where I have to go to, nothing bothers me at all. If I have to go to a nearby place, I walk and leave it behind. I look after it so I only use it when I have to go far, because it helps me a lot and I don’t want to overuse it. That is all that I use it for. Around here there aren’t many people who ride bicycles because they are afraid that they will get run down by cars. To avoid being run down, others prefer riding in cars - they don’t bother with riding bicycles. They don’t want to ride bicycles because they think that they will look foolish riding a bicycle. But with me it’s my car - I have been riding since I was a small boy, until today. If someone stole my bicycle, I would get them arrested... I will tell the police because I know the serial number on it, and I know where it is. It is not a new bicycle, it is an old bicycle - those old bicycles for which you had to renew its license disc... it’s not a new model, it’s an old bicycle. The person who takes it - unless they destroy it, or do something to it - I am going to find it, because its parts are difficult to find, you can only get them in Kestel... yes.’

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Stan Engelbrecht